Shari is Native American from the east coast of the United States. As far back as she can recall she has been able to connect with her spirit guides and beings from other realms. Her longing for answers of the unseen world and her suffering from deep seated fear put her on a healing path.

Shari’s journey took her where she was led to meet powerful healers and spiritual teachers. The biggest impact on her life was when she finally met her long-awaited teacher Papa Joe, the well-respected Tahunga Elder from New Zealand. Papa Joe recognized Shari’s gift and for the next seven years his presence was a pivotal moment in her life. Papa Joe identified Shari’s gift as a Spiritual Midwife, a link between the physical world and spiritual world. She cultivated her ability to access the blueprint and information on the individual’s complete story before the healing takes place. Shari learned how this ability brings to the surface the underlying core issue that needs to be addressed.

Shari remained one of Papa Joe’s chosen students until his passing. She then committed to continuing her healing practice and was truly humbled by the teachings he passed on to her. To this day, Shari’s compassion and true understanding of the healing process creates a sanctuary for the person to release pain and suffering from the mind, body, and spirit. This facilitates the person to “return” to a pure state of being and for the spirit to come alive and be at peace.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. You´re an angel in Earth, Shari…so grateful to Life (and our dear friends) that we´ve find you ! Blessings from Argentina.

    • I am so delighted to have met and worked with you and your husband..I am in awe when I meet someone who is so humble and willing to go into themselves and truly shift their old patterns and really heal..Blessings beautifulSabina

  2. Very moved by your unexpected answer. Definitly, your words also heal souls. Thank you, dear Shari. Love&Light for you.

  3. Hello There,

    I came across your website after doing a search for Papa Joe, Maori healer on the internet. It is inspiring to know that there are a few out there that still carry out the work that he used to do. I know that Papa Joe would still visit even after he left his body, but it’s been a long time since I have made a connection like that with him. Was curious to know if he is still in connection with you. Miss him dearly;). Nice to be in connection with you.



    • How lovely Darren! Yes he was a very special man and once in a blue moon he appears,for good reason! Miss him dearly too! Blessings wherever your writing from and thank you for reaching out!

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