Individual Sessions

healing room

Shari is known to create a very powerful safe healing space. Words cannot always describe Shari’s work since it is energetic and beyond this realm. In her healing treatments, Shari uses various modalities. She works with several light sources and energy given by the person’s guides and ancestors. “They,” along with her own guides, work with her on different energy dimensions. During a session, most individuals will feel altered and in a dream-like state. Some experience deep emotional release, while others feel a déjà vu like knowing.

Shari removes deep emotional baggage and entities in direct proportion to the readiness of each individual. Information is given to her by the guides and ancestors to assist in each person’s highest healing and transformation. Some sessions offer much detail and advice, while others are gentle and loving without many words. The main purpose of each session is to bring the person into a higher frequency with their soul’s integrity and truth.

Shari aligns with a neutral and humble stance to be of service to whatever the individual’s ‘Divine Will of God’ may be. The result is always a clearer, transformed, and radiant individual.

Sessions are available in:

  • Private individual healing
  • Remote/Zoom
  • House and space clearing
  • Pet healing

2 thoughts on “Individual Sessions

  1. I couldn’t believe how powerful my first individual session was. I have since been back and have sent many friends to Shari; each one had the same, profound experience. Prior to seeing her, despite a few years of hard, inner-work, I still felt like Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the mountain. Shari came in and broke up the rock with her incredible powers and now, what was a painstaking life, is simply a happy, mountain stroll.

  2. Hi Shari, I was referred to you by CarolAnn Alt. I am interested in conducting a spiritual healing for myself in either a private or group session. Please forward me any information I need at the above e mail or feel free to call/text at (201) 665-5609. I look forward to hear from you. Regards Chris Rosario

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