To Forgive

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“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”

Change is coming, and if you’re not ready, it will carry you wherever it feels because the force and the great awakening is inevitable. For those on a spiritual path, we have felt the gradual alteration of the old reality. The shift has been happening for many years now. Time is certainly speeding up. We are starting to move into a whole new paradigm . This consciousness wave has shaken an uncountable number of spiritual warriors. We need to pillar ourselves now. It may be a good time to have a deep, honest look at our own divinity, which will require us ALL to do our own work. This isn’t pointing the finger at “them” anymore. If there is enough awareness, the answer to clean our karmic plate is at hand. Why or how is for another topic because today is a more simple and profound talking point,”to forgive.”

Many roll their eyes at this. What? Are you too busy to be bothered or still engaged with persecuting those who have wronged you?
But what if I told you this little word had the most profound impact on my life, not only my own life but several students/clients I have been working with?

Could you imagine if this were to become the current narrative? Take complete charge of your own fate. I mean, we all have that person, place, or thing that has done us wrong. “It’s okay for the goody Christian types.” Perhaps you’re justified in your anger and “they” are wrong. More than likely you’re spot on. However, it is my true philosophy that until we make peace with “them,” it will forever haunt us and keep our spirit from making that leap forward into what has been shown to me as our “soul’s highest evolutionary path.”We all came down here (well maybe not all~ but several) to do our work. Clear our own timelines, and move past our karmic “stuff” accumulated for lifetimes. Sooner or later it will meet with us- NO ONE is exempt from this. Because this vibrational ripple is strongly urging us to awaken and achieve higher states of consciousness now.

I spent several years healing my past (and still revisit more healing). I had a lot to do as far as undoing karmic crap. However, I hardly mention my past unless it is to give reference to someone that might need the identification for moving forward in their lives. So telling my story for the most part isn’t common.
Therefore, I will fly through the details because it’s not about the drama but to simply give you a few points to show you my situation.

I was adopted when I was four. I was born with several disabilities, being that my birthing mother was only fourteen. I spent the early years either in a hospital or foster homes. A couple adopted me and I remember as a child being happy because I finally had a home!
Unfortunately, for the next several years, I experienced physical, mental, and spiritual abuse. The adopted mother became very violent with me. Daily, I was tormented, and I felt like this would never end. In complete desperation, spiritually I began to cry out to god for help. I felt this strength because I knew that god was with me. I began to feel angelic presence which gave me internal calmness. This made the abuse even greater. The pureness of this connection created more anger from the demon that possessed her. I felt this energy wanted to crush me. There were a few times I witnessed her eyes glaring at me, and the color was red. I was told later on that what I saw was a large entity. I ran away from home several times starting at the age of eight. Finally the courts took me from this house and put me into “the children’s system”.

For many years, I suffered from a fear so big that it could not be put into words. This fear would create a need in me to look around and always see what others were doing. I felt uncertain of myself and doubted my actions. This led me to go into my head a lot and second guess myself all the time. I was insecure, depressed, and lived in hyper-awareness. To put it mildly, it was exhausting. Just writing this makes me sad. But the wisdom that transpired and awakened through all this cannot be shaken.

After struggling for many years with my life, I met my spiritual teacher. I wrote a blog a couple of years ago about my experience with him. You can go to the link below to read more.
I began a powerful new journey after meeting him, to say the least. Although I had been on a healing path for several years, nothing compared to the healing work I did with Papa Joe.
For several years, I was tested and confronted with my old demons and new ones. They haunted me and won most of the battles. Why? Because I was petrified to stand up for myself and take charge of my life. The negative ones could yank on my strings because I was still controlled by my victim mentality. What was to break this claw that had me locked in this very old cycle?

I sat in a park one day. No one was around. So I felt safe to sit in my torment. I was filled with anxiety and couldn’t snap myself out of it. I heard the word “pray” because I was literally crawling out of my skin. Again a voice said to “relax and let go.” This began the healing, or if you will, the vision and download I experienced. I saw myself becoming lighter and traveling up. And then as if I were an angel looking down on myself. I felt peaceful, and knew somehow I was being helped. I began to perceive my life, and review my entire childhood – the pain, the trauma, and all the healing work I had done to try and remedy this. I could see with crystal clear vision that I chose this life. My path with my mother was a choice before I set foot on this planet. I could see the soul contract that was made. I went on to see that her mental illness was entity possession and how she was not well. This was my life’s lesson to endure and eventually transform like the phoenix rising from the ashes. I literally saw the entire story being laid out in front of me. I wasn’t a victim at all. I was a spiritual warrior, and this entire life of mine was preparing me for what was to come. If ever I was to hear the heavens singing and clouds opening up, this was that moment. I cried so much my hurt was emptied from me. As I sat up, I heard the words “forgive.” And yes, that is what transpired in that very moment. I chose to forgive my mother. I let it go, and I felt the release deep from my soul. It actually was physically leaving my body. A dark cloud was being set free from me. I felt deep within that I had taken my power back. It was decided from that moment on that I would not run away from my fear, but sit with it and confront any negative that haunted me. I felt the feelings of true gratitude. My life wasn’t random- it had purpose. I was here not only to clear my karmic past but to help others as well, to guide and support them in making peace with their pasts so they could live more in their own integrity. From that moment forward, the resentment of my mother was truly dissolved. I no longer had this painful story that controlled me. I was left with just a memory. The story of my life took on a whole new meaning because I set myself free. My life was a great gift, and I actually was perceiving that for the first time. Everything was by divine choice. I was no longer a victim. I was a genuine spiritual warrior, and I was witnessing the opening of “my soul’s TRUE path.”

I sit here now, and it is several years from this monumental event that took place. I mention this because it was brought to my attention that my mother had just passed. I had not seen her for several years. I suspected her passing because for days her face appeared every time I glanced in the mirror. She had been trying to reach me on the energy plane to make peace. I felt sad and really sympathetic of her deep suffering she lived with. I prayed for her soul and a peaceful journey to the other side. I sat for days in silence and reverence for the grace of god to heal her. I wished her well with sincerity. All negatives have been removed with the space between us. And our “time shared”is healed and in perfect harmony. She is now at peace, and guess what? So am I.

God bless all of you struggling on your path. Keep taking the high road. Although it isn’t the easiest of paths, it will lead you to the biggest version of yourself. Try to find it in your heart to forgive that which keeps you fighting and ill-at-ease. Because, in the end, you are choosing to set yourself free.

” Working with Shari has been nothing short of life-changing. I initially went to see her while going through a challenging personal situation that could not be healed with therapy, yoga, meditation, or other spiritual avenues I had tried. She helped me heal this situation and other deep wounds in my life to bring me closer to my soul’s truth, and I have never been happier or more fulfilled. Her honesty and commitment to my highest good and the good of the world continue to inspire me on my soul’s path. “ Joanne Suyon Kim

Starting a new series of meditations .. Join with me for a peaceful existence.


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  1. This was an amazing share. Thank you for being open. The quote is one of my favorites. I am going to share your blog and site with others. Very healing.

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